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Evolver provides 3D scanning and visualization services and innovative solutions for industries such as real estate, architecture, construction, hospitality, exhibitions, events and more.

Empowering companies with our virtual solutions, we offer more than just a boost in real estate management efficiency during planning and construction; we provide a fresh approach to marketing, offering an innovative way to promote their businesses.

We create next-generation media content.

 With 3D scanning, our team provides innovative and interactive solutions that have a number of advantages over classic and popular media. Users can not only view the captured 3D digital models, but also interact with the content online, for example, explore the environment from different angles, walk around the virtual space, receive and transmit various media information using interactive buttons, and take precise measurements. We can create the perfect online digital model for any space, whether existing or in the planning stages. 

The possibilities and solutions of 3D scanning technology are applicable in almost all fields, but our company is most competent in the field of events and exhibitions. Thanks to our technological solutions, exhibition companies will get decisive advantages both at the stage of organization and promotion of the event.

There are more than 6000 events held around the world annually, and organizing them is quite a challenging process. It involves selection of a large venue for the event, its decoration and involvement of clients, then construction of booths and drawing visitors to the event.

Our solutions will improve the management of all these processes several times over, because:

  • We are creating a three-dimensional digital interactive online model of the exhibition space, thanks to which organizers will reduce the need to physically visit this space by 80%.
  • With the help of interactive planning tools, they will be able to best create and shape the future event.
  • By using the capabilities of the virtual model, the sales team will be able to make international sales more efficiently, as customers will have a clear image of the location and design of their future booth without having to visit the venue.
  • By using offered predesigned prototypes of booths, customers will save significant time and money, which will help them to make faster decisions.
  • With the help of interactive features, all members of the organizing team will be immediately informed about the statuses of the booths.
  • With the virtual model, clients can envision their booth's location during the construction phase and create precise designs without needing to physically visit the venue.

We will then create a digital model of the existing exhibition during the event, enabling the organizer to attract millions of online visitors. Our solution will expand the engagement of both exhibitors and organizers, significantly increasing the efficiency of a particular exhibition.

Our company is one of the unique ones that provides all these solutions. All Armenian exhibition companies are our clients, and we have more than 30 digitized events. Our vExpo platform has more than 1000 exhibitors and 15 thousand online visitors are virtually exploring exhibitions.

We also have experience scanning greatest international exhibitions and were the first company to digitize exhibitions such as VivaTech in Paris, GITEX in Dubai, CES in Las Vegas and the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Evolver is currently a partner of Web Summit, one of the most prestigious technology conferences globally, which holds events on almost every continent, bringing the industry leaders together.

Our young but highly skilled and motivated team has the ability to digitize up to 100 events per year and has great investment potential. At this stage, we plan to raise USD 500,000, with the help of which we aim to strengthen our company's position in the global markets.

This amount will be invested in improving the Planforms development, marketing and expanding to global markets.

We believe we have created in-demand solutions that make for a pretty interesting business journey. We want to conquer the world with our solutions and would love to have you be an important part of our story.

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  • Minimum Investment

    AMD: 40 000 ֏
    USD: 100 $

    40 000 ֏

  • Investment goal

    AMD: 50 000 000 ֏
    USD: 124 500 $

    50 000 000 ֏

    AMD: 200 000 000 ֏
    USD: 498 000 $

    200 000 000 ֏


By investing in the project, you will have the opportunity to choose from various investment models and their quantities to meet or exceed the minimum investment threshold.

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    40 000 ֏ ~100 $