1. By registering on the ARFI crowdfunding platform (hereinafter the ‘’Platform’’), issuers and investors (hereinafter the ‘’Participant’’) provide personal information and agree to the privacy policy of the Platform. Changes to this policy are published on the website of the Platform: .
  2. The Platform Operator acquires the right to process the data provided by the Participant: collect, record, organize, store, update, transfer, delete the data provided by the Participant in the manner defined by this policy. In case of not agreeing to this procedure, the Participants should avoid using the Platform.
  3. The Participant's data is processed only in case of registration on the Platform while providing the data on the Platform website independently in order to use services of the Platform.
  4. The Participant's consent to Privacy policy of the Platform comes into force from the moment of the registration and is valid until the latter cancels its consent or until the Platform stops
  5. Data processing is carried out for the following purposes:
    • 1.participant identification,
    • 2.confirmation of the accuracy and completeness of the information provided,
    • provide security and prevent possible frauds on the Platform,
    • 4.conclusion of agreements necessary to use Platform services,
    • order to transfer to third parties with the Participant's consent for the purpose of providing information about new service offers.
  6. The consent given by the Participant can be revoked at any time by notifying the Platform Operator by e-mail or through the user account o the In this case, the Platform Operator stops processing the Participant’ data and, according to RA legislation, the data must be preserved for at least five years after the termination of business relations.
  7. The Participant can subscribe to the Platform with e-mail in order to receive analytical materials, newsletters, information about events held by the Platform operator, etc. Subscription is carried out by providing the e-mail address in the relevant part of the website of the Platform Operator. The Participant can cancel the subscriptions at any time. The possibility of cancellation is mentioned in every email sent to the Participant.
  8. The Platform Operator also uses data processing cookies - text files that record the websites visited by the Participant, with the aim to improve Platform services. The Participant may refuse to provide such information at any time by changing the settings of the computer's internet browser.
  9. If the Participant thinks that the Platform Operator is processing their data in violation of RA legislation, he/she has the right to submit a corresponding complaint to the Platform O In case of failure to come to an agreement through negotiations within a month, the disputes shall be resolved by the judicial procedure defined by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
  10. The Participant is obliged to provide reliable and accurate data, to update such data in time and not to provide user account information of the Platform to third parties.
  11. The Platform Operator has the right to transfer the Participant's data to third parties only:
    • With the Participant's consent,
    • to the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia,
    • investigative bodies,
    • Other authorized bodies according to RA legislation.
  12. In case of data transfer, the data processing must comply with the requirements of this procedure and RA legislation.
  13. The Platform Operator collects Participant’s data that allow or may allow direct or indirect identification of The Participant, including:

    In case of natural person investors:

    • Identification document data (number, date of issue, first name, last name, date of birth, citizenship data),
    • information on the Investor's country of residence and registration, as well as the country of work,
    • customer's Vital interests center,
    • information on the existence (absence) of the real beneficiary,
    • information on the main activity and profession of the Investor,
    • Information on the type of investment, as well as the country of origin of the source of investment.

    In case of legal person investors:

    • A copy of the document certifying state registration (latest version),
    • a copy of the founding document (latest version),
    • the list of natural persons authorized to act on behalf of the Investor without a power of attorney and copies of documents certifying their appointment,
    • the list of authorized natural persons acting on behalf of the investor on the basis of the power of attorney and the documents certifying their powers or their copies,
    • statement on the presence (absence) of the real beneficiary,
    • the list of persons owning twenty or more percent of equity securities issued by the Investor,
    • other documents required by the P
  14. The Platform Operator determines the list of measures, which obliges to secure the processing of the Participants' data in accordance with this procedure, as well as in accordance with the requirements of the procedure of the Platform –‘‘Know Your Customer’’ and fight against money laundering and terrorist financing’’ and RA legislation. The data is available to the employees of the Platform with the appropriate powers, who are obliged to guarantee the confidentiality of the data. For this purpose, the Platform Operator ensures the appropriate technical conditions, as well as all measures to prevent unauthorized access to the Platform, data destruction, modification, distribution and other illegal actions by third parties.
  15. The Platform operator can use the Investor identification and Investor relationship management systems provided by third parties by integrating them into the Platform. In order to provide the protection of customer data, the Operator applies the following criteria when choosing third parties:
    • To have a programme in place that complies with GDPR standards.
    • Data storage in cloud infrastructures supporting ISO 27001, PCI DSS.
    • Access to the information on the participants only by the Platform O